We R Reno was founded in 2010 by three college students.

     I, Cameron Heaphy, was approached by Joseph Altidor to start this business, and we needed a third owner for the company, so we then approached Jake Fournier. Together we made the foundation for this company and started to rise. Through a series of events Joseph and Jake left the company, both going in their separate ways, leaving myself as the sole owner.

     I started in the renovation business under my father Rob Heaphy, owner and operator of "Heef's Home Improvements". He started me off as a general labourer doing demolition and carrying materials. Eventually he let me do actual work and showed me the ways to build the right way and make it professional! After high school I went to Mohawk college and got my degree as a Building and Renovation Technician. Learning everything from concrete forms to roofing and everything in between. This Business was started in our second year and our first job as a company was not long after that. 

     Following college I worked for another contractor on the side and quickly realized that i wanted to be my own boss. I then worked as a subcontractor for a commercial painter, a commercial drywaller, and as a residential framer.

     It wasn't long before I was getting enough work to make a decent living as a general contractor and am continuing to do so! And the great thing is, I still get to work with my father...on occasion.



​​WE         RENO